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How I Made It Out Alive

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Higher Place


Give Your Life

Da Tu Vida

Not Enough


Still In Love

A Voice For Women

Atrévete A Soñar


Made It Out Alive


You're All I'll Ever Need

Lifter Of My Head

To Know You

God Knows

If God Is For You

Now That I Found You

Praise The Lord

Even If

Not Enough

Come To Jesus

I Love You More

Running Back To You

Higher Place


Better Way
Sundays - 3pm CST
Loving You to The Truth Broadcast on Periscope
Higher Place Church

February 12th - Sunday - 3pm CST
Higher Place Church
"Still in Love" Valentine's Concert

April 1st - Saturday - 3:30pm
Perfected Life TV Taping (open to the public)
PEG Studios Nashville, TN

April 27th - Thursday - 7pm
But Deliver Us From Evil  Movie Premiere (open to the public)
Click for ticket info
Ridgewood, NJ

April 29th - Saturday -12pm
ASUM Scholarship Fund
Bronx, NY
For tickets: RRIVERA@asumonline.org or 718-551-5109

April 30th - Sunday - 9am & 11:15am
Gracepoint Gospel Fellowship
New City, NY (Rockland County)
Studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA

Angelo & Veronica Albums; Higher Place (1992), A&V (1993), Give Your Life (1995), Da Tu Vida (1995), Not Enough (1997), Change (1999), Still in Love (2009) with Benson, Verity, Harmony Records (Division of Sony) and A&V Music

"God Knows" Single in the Top 15 on Contemporary Christian Music Chart Written by Angelo & Veronica

Co-writer of No. 1 “Your Love is 4 Always” for Christian Radio

Recipient of 3 Dove Awards including Contemporary Black Gospel Song of the Year and Urban Album of the Year

Television Appearances on Fox 17, TBN, WATC-TV 57, TCT, Word Network and BET

Founders of A Voice for Women Ministry since 2005

Writers for Special Olympics Theme Song, “Dare to Dream” in 2006

Ordained Pastors by Word of Truth International 2009

Veronica Solo Albums, Atrévete a Soñar  Spanish Language Album (2009) and Made It Out Alive (2013) w/ feat. Guests Fred Hammond, John P Kee, Mississippi Mass Choir, Shirley Murdock, Canton Jones, Brian Courtney Wilson and Will Champlin

Performed “Hope Saved My Life” Song for the Movie, Unconditional

Top 30 Gospel Billboard Single, “No Fear” from Made It Out Alive Album

Recipient of The Atlanta Gospel Choice Award for Best Female Artist 2013

Endorsed by Pre Sonus Studio One

Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degrees of Sacred Music by ICW Bible College & Seminary (ICW) for Contributions in the Christian Music Industry and Service in Ministering to the Body of Christ 

Master Your Voice Teachers and Coaches for Singers

Recipient of The Block Buster Showcase Music Award for Song of the Year for "Made It Out Alive" 2016

How I Made It Out Alive Book by Dr. Veronica Petrucci

Acting Debut in Film, But Deliver Us From Evil  Starring Eric Roberts, Grant Harvey and Pooch Hall Coming 2017

Founders & Pastors of Higher Place Church in Franklin, TN  

Visit Higher Place Church
Singers! Please ask yourself:
1. Do you break into another voice and/or falsetto to hit higher notes?
2. Are you slowly decreasing in range and power?
3. Are you hoarse or do you lose your voice after you sing?
4. Do you crack on certain notes?
5. Do you have a difficult time holding out notes and run out of breath while singing?
6. Do you experience jaw or neck muscle pain/ tension after singing?

"About 15 years ago, I almost lost my voice. The reason I almost lost my voice was due to singing incorrectly. I was having a difficult time singing through the middle register of my voice (where a singer sings the most). I began having less endurance, was getting hoarse and tired after singing and would even crack on certain notes! It is devastating as a singer when you begin losing control of your instrument.
So after already singing for a living for over a decade, I humbled myself and began to study voice again. Re-training my voice was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life! But I worked hard and got back to vocal health. It’s turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done. This time I learned the right technique and that made all the difference. I now have an easier time singing notes I used to hit when we first made our Angelo & Veronica albums. I don’t get hoarse, I don’t get tired and I can speak after I sing!
So this is the "Master Your Voice" technique we will teach you. If you’ve lost your voice, we can help you get it back. If you’ve lost control of your instrument, we can help you gain that back. If you’ve never studied at all, you will be learning the best vocal technique available for the non-classical singer that will last your whole life."

~Veronica Petrucci 

Master Your Voice Technique will:
  1. Allow you to sing with more ease and with less effort
  2. Give you more confidence
  3. Help you to feel yourself sing when you cannot hear yourself sing
  4. Make you more consistent
  5. Increase your range, improve your pitch, give more endurance, control your vibrato, eliminate vocal break and give you longevity
To Schedule your Master Your Voice Lesson via Skype/FaceTime with Angelo or Veronica contact us or call 602-723-3000

Introductory Rates: $60 half hour/$80 hour via Paypal
Monthly Advance Pay Receive $10 Off Each lesson

Master Your Voice Group Rates & Workshops Available

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